Blood Donor Program

Most people are familiar with how important blood products can be in human medicine.  The same can be said for veterinary medicine.  We often use plasma and blood for sick animals in our hospital.  In fact, there are many animals out there that wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for their blood transfusion.

We are always interested in signing up new patients into our blood donor program, so if you have a pet that qualifies, please contact us.

Criteria for a good blood donor dog:

1. Large, Young Dog – Greater than 60 pounds and less than 5 yrs.

2. Good Disposition – Some dogs love coming to the hospital, which helps with the process.

3. Blood Type – We will conduct free blood typing to see if your dog would make a good donor.

4. Available – Most of our blood donations can be scheduled ahead of time and banked.  Rarely we may ask that a donor come in with short notice for a fresh blood transfusion.

If your dog fits these criteria, they will also get a general health screening bloodtest, and a screen for infectious bloodborne diseases.  Animals that donate blood will be given complimentary heartworm preventative for the year.

Please call the hospital if you are interested or have any questions.

Ryan Frome, DVM