Pet Emergencies – What To Do?

There are countless books written on this subject, but in an emergency, it’s nice to have a simple plan.  The good news is that first aid for pets is similar to people.  The other good news is that we are just a phone call away.  We even have a doctor on call until 10pm, 7 days a week to answer your questions. First, get your pet to a safe location, take a deep breath and assess the situation.  In general, a true emergency is when your pet loses consciousness, is having trouble breathing, or has uncontrollable bleeding.  During regular hours you can always come right in, but after hours you may need a trip to EVH on Q St in Springfield.  Our on-call doctor can help you decide if you’re not sure.

We also get frequent calls about things pets eat.  With poisons or toxins, it’s very important to have the packaging available.  Most poisons can be dealt with if we know exactly what the pet ate.  If you can’t reach us, the ASPCA maintains a free website with information about poisonous plants.  They also have a consultation service (for a $65 fee) if needed for other types of poisons.

You can’t choose when problems happen, but knowing who to call to answer your questions can help relieve the stress.  Our phone number (541-935-4151) will reach us during regular hours, or the on-call doctor after hours.  We know that a trip to the emergency clinic can be draining, emotionally and financially, so we try to help you decide if it is necessary.

We hope you understand that we do not have staff in our facility after-hours, and our on call doctors do not have access to patient records.  So we can give you timely advice, but we can’t process medication refills or scheduling questions.

Enjoy the spring sunshine and remember we’re just a phone call away if you have a  problem.

Ryan Frome, DVM