Can the New Veneta Veterinary Hospital Stay in City Limits?

We hoped to have broken ground on the new hospital by now, but we’ve met with a problem at the city.  It turns out that ~10 years ago the City of Veneta adopted a new book of codes for construction.  The codes are written to encourage pedestrian access to new buildings.  Specifically, there is a rule that prohibits parking spaces in front of the main entrance in all commercial zones.

This may sound reasonable for some businesses, but what impact does this have on people that need to drive to the veterinarian?  We know that well over 99% of you drive when you bring your pets to the hospital.  If you could only park on the side or rear of our new building, we calculate that your average walk to the front door would increase from 25 feet, to well over 100ft.  We have nothing against a nice walk, but when you are carrying a sick or injured pet, extra distance isn’t helpful.

This new hospital is designed to better serve you and your pets.  Our final plea to the City of Veneta Planning Commission is to allow YOU a minimum of necessary parking at the front entrance.  At 6:30pmTuesday, December 1st, they will hear our request at City Hall.  I will be there to explain why quick access into the hospital is critical in emergency situations.  The meeting begins with a public comment period where we welcome you to join us and voice your opinion.

We hope you and the Planning Commission see the value in keeping veterinary care within city limits and easily accessible to all.

Ryan Frome, DVM